Established in 1992, Lowe Lippmann Wealth Advisers aims to provide individual and corporate clients in Melbourne and all across Australia with high quality, personalised financial advice and services, covering all aspects of financial planning.

Lowe Lippmann Wealth Advisers

We are committed to empowering and helping you to make smart decisions with your money. By challenging your today we will redefine your future.
About Lowe Lippmann Wealth Advisers

Our belief is that financial planning is an ongoing process in managing all areas of your financial life. Based primarily around your short and long term objectives, it takes into consideration your cash flow, investments, liabilities, tax position, personal risks (such as disability and death) and leaving a legacy.

Achievement of your objectives is at the heart of every financial and investment recommendation we make.

Our team is made up of highly trained, professional advisers supported by administrative personnel and external resources.

We provide you, the client, with a dedicated personal adviser and their support team, to guide you in your financial decision making. The depth of our adviser base then provides a reliable back up service should your adviser not be available.

Our key objective is to provide added value to you in relation to your financial affairs by ensuring that you make informed and appropriate decisions in your financial planning and to simplify the financial planning, wealth creation and personal protection process for you.

Our Committment

Sound Financial Advice

Providing unbiased financial advice at a fair price, tailored to your personal financial and non-financial objectives. Benefits and cost of our advice Keeping you on course to meet your financial, investment and personal goals in the short and long term.

Transparent Information

Providing you with details of all costs related to our services and the products and portfolios we may recommend. Providing full access to your personal information that we gather for planning purposes.

Quality Service

Nurturing positive, respectful client relationships by insuring a professional service is provided. Facilitating open, two-way communication with you, always guiding you and always listening to you.

Our Team

Learn more about the team members that keep the wheels turning at Lowe Lippmann Wealth Advisers.

Darren Krawitz

Financial Adviser

Alex du Plessis

Financial Adviser

Daniel Weeks

Financial Adviser

Colin Hockley

Colin Hockley


Our Services

To ensure we are providing you with the best personalised financial advice, we look at your current situation and objectives and develop a financial plan to help you meet your lifestyle goals and objectives.
About our Services Lowe Lippmann

Our Process

Learn how to manage your tomorrow today with a structured financial plan.
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Step 1: Discovery

Initially it is important for us to fully understand your needs and objectives as these will indicate to us the outcomes that you wish to achieve in your plan.

For us to provide you with the best possible advice, we then review your financial position and personal circumstances. This involves detailing your assets, liabilities, cashflows, work circumstances, superannuation arrangements, insurances and estate planning.

We also need to determine how much risk you’re prepared to take with your investments to achieve your objectives. We do this using a Risk Profile Questionnaire and discuss with you various aspects of investment and the trade-off between risk and return. Once we have all of this information we can move on to the next step, which is to develop appropriate strategies and recommendations specifically tailored to your circumstances.

Our Process - Step 01
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Step 2: Design

Now that we understand your situation, we research various strategy options that may be appropriate and subsequently design your personal financial plan. This plan will include a number of recommendations tailored specifically to meet your requirements today and your goals for the future.

The financial plan that we design and present to you may provide recommendations relating to:

  • Investments
  • Cashflow Management & Funding
  • Personal Insurances
  • Pension Planning
  • Mortgage Finance
  • Superannuation
  • Wealth Creation & Management
  • Estate planning
  • Liability Management
  • Leasing

Once the plan has been presented and discussed, we ask you to confirm your acceptance of the plan.

Our Process - Step 02
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Step 3: Do

Once we have your commitment to the plan, we will assist you where possible to implement the recommendations. To ensure you remain on course to achieve your financial, investment and lifestyle goals, we will regularly review your financial plan and strategies with you, and guide you along your financial journey.

Internal and external factors may require changes to your financial plan and our review will address these factors. They include:

Internal Factors

  • Your personal needs
  • Your family status
  • Your taxation position
  • Changes in your occupation
  • Inheritance
  • Social security

External Factors

  • The economic environment
  • New product developments
  • Institutional changes & developments
  • Fund manager and investment performance
  • Your level of gearing & capital exposure
  • Law changes
  • Government legislation

Our Process - Step 03
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Ongoing Support

Once your personal financial plan has been completed and implemented, our ongoing financial planning service encompasses the following components:

Strategic Reviews

Ongoing, periodic reviews of your full financial situation and strategic plan, covering objectives, assets & liabilities, cashflow, superannuation strategies, insurance and estate planning.

Investment Management

We actively monitor individual investments, investment markets, economic circumstances and your personal portfolio - and contact you if we believe your investments need to be adjusted.

Personal Financial Adviser

Your adviser and their support team are available for you to contact at any time should you wish to discuss, or have any concerns about, any financial planning matter.

Keep In Touch Program

  • Quarterly Newsletters: We will send you regular newsletters keeping you abreast of any financial planning matters.
  • Information Bulletins: We will contact and, if necessary, recommend adjustments to your financial plan when government legislation involving superannuation, taxation and investment changes.
  • Seminars: You will be invited to free educational seminars that are relevant to your objectives and needs.

Our Process - Step 04

Latest News

We are committed to empowering and helping you to make smart decisions with your money. By challenging your today we will redefine your future.
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Tools & Resources

We are committed to empowering and helping you to make smart decisions with your money. By challenging your today we will redefine your future.

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Market Commentary


Our complimentary seminars are presented to clients and their guests as part of our ongoing financial planning service. Through our seminar program we aim to provide updates on financial planning and topics of special interest.

Recent topics include:

Attendance is by invitation only. If you would like to know more or should you wish to be invited to the next seminar, please send an email to

Forms & Documents

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Darren Krawitz

Director | Financial Adviser

CFP®, B. Bus (Financial Planning)

Darren, a Certified Financial Planner professional, has been in the financial services industry since 2000 and joined Lowe Lippmann Wealth Advisers in 2004.

He became a director in 2008 and is a specialist in holistic financial planning, focusing on the financial affairs and financial future of his clients to assist in their future well-being.

Alex du Plessis

Director | Financial Adviser

CFP®, BSc, B.Com, Grad Dip FP, MAppFin

Alex, a Certified Financial Planner professional, has been in the financial services industry since 2004 and is a director of Lowe Lippmann Wealth Advisers.

He has a Masters in Applied Finance & Investment and is a specialist in self managed super funds and investments.

Daniel Weeks

Director | Financial Adviser

CFP®, Dip FS Financial Planning, Adv Dip FS Financial Planning, Grad Dip AppFin, Grad Dip FP, MAppFin

Daniel, a Certified Financial Planner professional, has been in the financial services industry since 2004 in both banking and private practice and joined Lowe Lippmann Wealth Advisers in 2020.

Daniel has a passion for education and quality advice and has gone on to complete a Masters of Applied Finance (Investment Management) in addition to specialist Aged Care and SMSF Accreditations to ensure that his clients are getting the very best advice.

Colin Hockley


B.Com, Dip.FP, CPA (FPS)

Colin, a qualified accountant, has been in the financial services industry since 1974 and joined Lowe Lippmann Trakman Financial Services as a director in 2008.

As well as providing financial planning advice on superannuation and insurance, Colin has special expertise in strategic planning and structuring and works with many high net worth individuals, their families and businesses.

View Colin's full profile [PDF]

Financial Services


Our services are structured to provide clients with a tailored solution that is appropriate to a client’s needs, objectives and personal and financial position. We therefore offer full financial planning services as well as specific limited services according to your requirements. We have set out the main areas where we provide advice.
Each of our services and the approximate cost are discussed with you before you commit to using our services.

Strategic planning

A Strategic Plan is a comprehensive financial plan that takes into account all aspects of your personal and financial position and provides recommendations to help you achieve your financial, personal and retirement objectives. It will provide you with a clear understanding of where you currently are and provide a plan to get to where you want to be in the future.

It will identify whether you will be able to achieve your objectives and if not, what action you can take to help achieve these. A Strategic plan generally does not include any specific product advice.

Investment strategies

We provide specific advice on investment, saving and accumulation strategies and products to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Personal Insurances

We provide advice on the types, levels and specific products that are most appropriate to your circumstances and needs to protect your family and financial well-being in the event of death or disability.

Please click here more information on these Insurances


Superannuation is the primary and most effective structure in which to save for retirement. As we hold our own Australian Financial Services Licence we are not bound to any particular product supplier and so are able to provide specific, unbiased advice that best suit your needs and not those of the institutions.

Retirement planning

There are a myriad of strategies that can help you maximise your retirement funding through appropriate planning and structuring in the years before you retire. Our experience and rigorous ongoing training mean that we are on top of the latest strategies for maximizing retirement income.

Wealth creation and management

Wealth creation should commence at an early stage in life and we can provide strategies to help you improve your financial situation through efficient structuring and management of assets, liabilities, cashflows and taxation efficiency.

Tax-effective strategies

Tax is one area that affects all financial plans and wealth creation programs. Effective use of tax minimisation strategies can make a huge difference to your financial situation. We provide advice in this area and also apply this expertise the other areas of our services noted above.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together: (03) 9525 3777 or email us at

Insurance Advice


These and a number of other personal risks can be addressed through the implementation of a comprehensive Risk Protection Plan.

The following sections provide an overview of the ‘Safety Nets’ we recommend to ensure your loved ones and yourself are financially secure.

Please talk to a Lowe Lippmann Financial Adviser about your specific requirements and let us help you to ensure your family is looked after.

Income Protection

The major asset of most individuals, whether single or in a family, is their ability to earn an income. It provides you with the means to live, invest, and save.

Because of the effect of not being able to earn an income, we consider income protection insurance to be the most important of personal insurance covers.

Income protection insurance provides a monthly benefit, if you are unable to work due to accident or illness, whether short term or long term. It provides an especially valuable benefit if you suffer major illness or accident and you are unable to work ever again.

Life Insurance

Life insurance will pay a lump sum to the Policy Owner or nominated beneficiary, e.g. your spouse, in the event of your death.

It will provide cash to:

Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD)

TPD will provide a lump sum benefit in the event that you become totally and permanently disabled.
It will provide cash:

Trauma insurance

Trauma cover is designed to provide a cash lump sum payment if you suffer a specified condition for the first time (e.g. heart attack, heart-by-pass surgery, stroke, cancers, etc).

Trauma insurance can be taken out as:

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together: (03) 9525 3777 or email us at

Mortgage Broking

If you are interested in personalised mortgage services and advice on residential, investment and commercial loans, please contact us and we will refer you to one of our preferred mortgage providers.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together: (03) 9525 3777 or email us at

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