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We are committed to empowering and helping you to make smart decisions with your money. By challenging your today we will redefine your future.

Established in 1992, Lowe Lippmann Wealth Advisers aims to provide individual and corporate clients in Melbourne and all across Australia with high quality, personalised financial advice and services, covering all aspects of financial planning.



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Financial Planning Advice

Our services are structured to provide clients with a tailored solution that is appropriate to a client’s needs, objectives and personal and financial position. We therefore offer full financial planning services as well as specific limited services according to your requirements.

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Do you have a ‘Safety Net’ for your family and yourself in the event of death, disablement or major illness? Will your surviving spouse be able to clear any debt and secure a future income stream to support your family? Should you become disabled, either through sickness or injury, will your family be in a position to maintain their lifestyle?

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Mortgage Broking

Every loan is different and a tailored solution is essential. There are many steps in the loan application process which can make borrowing money for a home or investment property a daunting task. We are with our clients from the initial mortgage advice right through to the settlement of the property.

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